Terms of agreement and use of services

The following terms shall apply to all customers whose real estate assets are posted on muabannhadat.vn Website.

1. Definitions

"Real estate listing" means online advertising for a certain real estate on sale or for rent, which includes all matters relating to this real estate such as content, photos and other documents.

2. Announcement of real estate listings

Once you become a customer of MuaBanNhaDat.Vn, you must agree to accept the following rules:

Customers shall review these terms and must agree to comply with all legal provisions when such provisions are provided on muabannhadat.vn

Customers shall keep their usernames and passwords safe and confidential when using this website, and you will be required to fully comply with the general rules on using the username and password on the website such as, not to disclose information on signing-in, not to use the Service with other’s username and password, etc.

You will only be able to advertise the real estate available for sale or rental within the scope of your order, and each of these real estate assets may be listed only once.

Customers have the right to make a review of the real estate listings made by owners of the real estate being listed.

The real estate listed for advertising does not violate any legal regulations or legal standards (including but not limited to the laws on internet, laws on real estate industry, laws on advertising industry as well as applicable local and national laws).

All the lists of advertising real estate submitted from licensed agents will include a business registration certificate for real estate, place of business registration, company name, and name of the registration licensed person. The real estate licensed for registration will be eligible to be advertised on the website.

Within 72 hours from the time a listed real estate has reached an agreement for lease or sale, the customer shall either retain or remove this listed real estate from the website.

When requested, muabannhadat.vn will retain, move, update or extend the listing period of a real estate. If a real estate advertisement does not comply with the above provisions within 24 hours, muabannhadat.vn may remove such advertisement from the website.

muabannhadat.com.vn can monitor, censor or move any real estate listing on the website, however, muabannhadat.vn is not forced to do so.

muabannhadat.vn is not responsible for the content, errors or omissions of any real estate listing provided by customers.

muabannhadat.vn is responsible for the safety, integrity of the data, but muabannhadat.vnwill not take any liability for any errors or delays that may occur as a result of data transmission on the internet.

muabannhadat.vn will not take any responsibility for any system errors or technology errors, factors that can prevent customers from accessing the website.

muabannhadat.vn will not arrange, authorize or permit any organization for using muabannhadat.vn documents unless there is a formal written consent.

3. Fees

The applicable fee is noted on the order form. Customers can make monthly payment within 7 days from the date of invoice, or within 30 days from the date of invoice in case of commercial accounts.

In case of overdue payment of accounts, muabannhadat.vn can make its own decisions on whether to:

  • + Remove any real estate listing
  • + Terminate the agreement
  • + Require customers to pay all expenses for the recovery of overdue accounts, including but not limited to agents’ lawful expenses.

muabannhadat.vn reserves the right to change fees by giving customers a 30-day notice in the minute. Customers can terminate this contract with a 30-day notice in the minute with respect to any other incremental charges. Customers’ payment for the next invoice will include these changes of fee.

Customers must be liable for all taxes, or other payable fees mentioned in the agreement at the time of signing or in the future, with the exception of all income taxes of muabannhadat.vn

4. Term and end of service

Unless there are special notices about deadlines, this contract will have an initial period of 12 months from the date of signing.

This contract will automatically renew at the end of the initial period or the additional period unless the customer notifies muabannhadat.vn in the minute of the intention to end the contract at least 90 days for the case of initial term.

muabannhadat.vn can terminate this contract without being limited by any restrictions:

  • + At any time for any reason by giving the customer a 7 day notice in the minute.
  • + If at expiry of the payment term, the customer still not pay for any account.
  • + If the customer violates any of the terms of this contract and fails to rectify it within 7 days from the date of notice of the breach with respect to contractual breaches.
  • + If the customer suffers or is in risk of bankruptcy, default or has to wind up the company.
  • + If the customer dies, or his/her company disintegrates or is about to disintegrate, the company’ name is deleted or is designated to be deleted.

After the initial period, customers may end this contract by giving muabannhadat.vn a90-day notice in the minute.

Customers agree to pay all outstanding accounts within 7 days before expiration.

If customers continue to advertise their real estate after expiry date of the contract, they will have to maintain their obligation for all the fees in the same manner as before.

5. General provisions

Customers are not permitted to transfer this memorandum without an official written consent of muabannhadat.vn

This contract together with relevant documents contain the entire agreement which will replace all previous memorandum of understandings.

If a provision of this contract becomes invalid or unenforceable, the validity or enforceability of the remaining of the contract will not be affected.

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